Studio recordings:

Go, move, shift (3:49 minutes; Album DoubtFool)
Odile, Mariette et Thété (3:06 minutes; Album Tor)
Matsch to me (3:19 minutes; Album Tor)
Mumia (6:45 minutes; unpublished)
Polkas (2:19 minutes; unpublished)
Remember (3:19 minutes; Album Tor)

Live excerpts of the present line-up:

Live Teaser
(5:21 minutes; concert Polyester Oldenburg 21.04.2015 / contains: "Danse", "Work" (starting 1:29), "Matsch to me" (2:23), "As I ringled out" (3:22)
and "Pippis Tune" (4:37) ...)